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While GOP Calls is dedicated to Republican candidates and conservative causes, we are not affiliated with the RNC or the GOP.

GOTV Calls
GOP Calls proudly provided automated calling solutions for respected officials such as Pete Domenici.
Advocacy Calls
The National Right to Life Committee made over 2 million robo calls promoting pro life candidates.
Endorsement Calls
In the 2000 presidential election, President George W. Bush used many endorsement robo calls in his campaign against Al Gore.
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The GOP Calls website is owned by Dialing Services LLC.  Dialing Services LLC provides you with a Dialing Platform only and does not initiate or make calls on your behalf. Any calls you place over the Dialing Platform are calls that you initiate or make, and therefore you are responsible to follow all state and federal guidelines regarding the use of automated dialing and announcing devices.


GOP Calls is the premier provider of political automated calling solutions for Republican candidates and conservative causes, with over twenty-five years experience. 

We have provided political calling solutions for predominant political leaders and advocacy groups including: Romney for President, The 2000 & 2004 Bush/Cheney campaigns, the 2000 & 2004 Texas Victory campaigns, Senator Pete Domenici, Congressmen Pete Sessions, Heather Wilson, Tom Tancredo, numerous state parties, The National Right to Life Committee, and countless others. Our track record and experience speaks for itself. 

Unmatched Quality and Competitive Pricing
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Benefits to your campaign:

  • Increase voter response, awareness, confidence, and turnout
  • Increase campaign, party, and issue awareness
  • Get public opinion on important issues
  • Remind voters of upcoming events
  • View results in real time

Features of our technology:

  • Easily manage your own voice broadcasting campaigns from the web
  • Use your own phone list or we can provide your voter list
  • Upload or record your message
  • Call thousands, even millions of numbers effortlessly
  • Set up your calls quickly, easily, and cost effectively

Our dialing platform, including the software, was developed and is managed in house.  This ensures reliability and allows flexibility for clients with unique project requirements. We can handle over 10 million automated calls per day without outsourcing as most providers do.  Some voice broadcasting techniques include: Automated calls, Robo Calls, GOTV calls, automated polling, surveys, live voter contact, and “Press 1” transfer calls.  

For over two decades, GOP Calls has built long lasting relationships with clients by providing a robust voice broadcasting platform to better communicate and interact with constituents.  Republican candidates, consultants, state parties, and conservative nonprofit organizations alike remain competitive with our easy to use political calling platform. Do not risk the outcome of your election.  Rely on the experience and reliabilty of GOP Calls dialing platform to promote your campaign today.

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